Travel, travel….travel…more travel!


Hey guys! It’s been forever….sorryyyyyyyyy. I’ve just been so busy! The past month has absolutely flown by. After my trip to North Carolina I was happy to spend a little bit of down time in LA hanging with friends and even spending a beach day with our current Miss Arizona, Jen, and her sister, Kalynn. We had a blast catching up in the sun before they were back on their way to Arizona. I also had a chance to head to a Dodgers game with Brittany and even read to her preschool class.  We had such a good time…all of the preschoolers tried on my crown!


After so much fun in LA, I was excited to get to New York and enjoy the warm weather. I was asked to co-chair at the 2nd Annual New York Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s Fund ‘Kick off to Summer’ Benefit and attend the BTIG Charity Day  again this year, so I was off to a busy start in the Big Apple. I had a chance to see so many friends, attend the Miss NYC Organization’s ‘send-off’ party and even celebrate Claire’s birthday during the first week. My second week in New York was devoted to honoring my good friend Kim at the 2014 Women in Business event held in Queens, then contributing to The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson, my Miss America sister, having dinner with a few more Miss A sisters and then Miss New York 2014 in Staten Island. So. Much. Happened.

I was happy to be able to spend so many special moments in the city with all of the people who I love most and it just reminded me of why I fell in love with New York in the first place. It could have also been the weather. 😛  Being at the Miss New York pageant for the fifth year in a row was certainly the highlight. I love my Miss New York family and I am just so glad that I got to see and spend time with them before this crazy summer! Honestly, it was an honor to be back in Staten Island with the many, many sponsors and volunteers who have supported all of us these past few years. I even had a chance to catch up with one of my former judges and this year’s auditor, Joe Naughton, for dinner (thanks Joe!) before the Saturday night show. Lets be honest, I loved being the emcee, too! Congratulations to my girl, Kira Kazanstev, on her new year-long journey and trip to Miss America!

On my way back to LA, I made a pit stop in Vegas. Now. I have been to Vegas to win Miss America and I have been to Vegas (once) as Miss America (which was totally fun… 😉  ) so technically….I’ve never been to Vegas! Brittany drove out to meet me and we had a blast staying with my Miss Nevada, Randi (thanks, lady!). It was great to relax for a couple of days in the sun and even run in to some people we know. My two days back in LA were short lived, though, and now I am in Alabama for my Mom’s 20th dance recital. It’s hard to believe that twenty years ago she opened the doors to Make Your Move and now we are celebrating with the #2LEGIT2QUIT concert. I’m just so proud of her and I am so happy to be home for a few days before heading off to….EUROPE!

Which brings me to French. And Fitness, too. Both have been quite the failure in the last couple of weeks, but interestingly enough my attitude the latter has changed drastically. French…well….that’s just been me not making it a priority, but fitness? So. Over. It.

Okay- I’m not over fitness, but as many of you in the world of pageantry know, the idea of “fitness” turns in to a ridiculous obsession even post-pageant. We go through this “my body looks terrible” phase and  just completely beat ourselves up for not looking like we did on the Miss America (or Miss State) stage and frankly…I’m just sick of beating myself up. These past eight months have provided enough hardship- who needs to add another mental battle to the already present ones? I’m starting to realize the less I think about food, the less I obsess over it. I’m also starting to realize that I wear a size 8. And you know what? Whatever!! Ha

As I have continued to read Thrive (albeit slowly), there are so many passages I love. In the pages about stoicism, Huffington includes this awesome quote by Andy Warhol:

Sometimes people let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say “so what.” That’s one of my favorite things to say.

So what! So many of us have written our thoughts and feelings about weight and food and fitness and what it means to actually be healthy, so I won’t bore you with all of that here, but if you want to see what many of us had to say, you can check out Miss New York 2012, Shannon Oliver, in her blog post here. It really is all about a change in attitude and I think I have finally had mine.

At any rate, I have been missing the gym. I found myself placing higher priority in sleep and social life in New York than working out, but we all go through phases and I happen to be in my travel, travel, travel one. I’m excited to spend the rest of this month exploring Europe and then finish up the couple of appearances I have in the summer months before I….


Thats right. And I’m stoked. School starts August 25th and I’m thrilled to say I’ll be returning back to The Fashion Institute of Technology this fall. Whoop Whoop! I am just excited to get back to New York and get back on the grind. I know I’ll miss California a LOT. I really do love it there, but I’m the kind of girl who likes to hustle and, to be honest, there’s just too much ‘chillin’ on the West Coast. 😉

So, it’s likely my next blog will be a Europe/ Miss Arizona update. Hope you enjoy this one!




OH. P.S.

It appears that all of this pageantry has drummed up quite the conversation about the “alleged” recordings, blah blah. I’ll just say, once and for all, that the recording DID happen. I have proof. There was an apology (although a less than apologetic one). I did what any Miss A would do for MAO at the time.  I think about the whole debacle often and because many, if not most, of my friends are in the pageant world, it gets discussed frequently. It’s been debated and beat to death. I’m over the questioning and the wondering and the whole thing. I’m tired of thinking and talking about it. My feelings were hurt and  yada yada. It happened and the people who should have had my back didn’t. So….I’ll just call a spade a spade and maybe we can all now just….well… <click there


YOU’RE WELCOME! Speculate no more!


5 thoughts on “Travel, travel….travel…more travel!

  1. This is why you will forever be my Miss America! You are so genuine and such a class act! If it would have been me I would have refused to crown her and act like everything was okay. I’m sorry that is how your reign ended you most certainly deserved a better ending.

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