Where Does it Come From?


Today started seemingly normal. I woke up, made a healthy breakfast, drank my coffee with cream (I’m having an issue with dairy) and caught up on Revenge (ugh).

I haven’t been feeling too well physically, but I’m attributing that to the California smog. I’m coughing like I’ve been smoking for 15 years…. So, I’m going to guess that’s the great outdoors. Anyway! After writing some Thank You notes, running to the post office and the bank, I headed over to catch some rays with my friend Brittney. We had a nice, relaxing afternoon on her rooftop talking about life and friends before walking down to the famous Hamburger Mary’s on Santa Monica for a (you guessed it) burger. Because this is California and everyone is ridiculous beautiful, healthy and tan, ordering there wasn’t too difficult. I got the Kobe Burger (Carb-free) with a side of steamed veggies. I was surprisingly satisfied.

Until now. I don’t know how being at the gym made me angry rather than euphoric, but…. I am. I’m in the absolute worst mood. Isn’t it insane how completely and totally your mindset can change in the course of a few hours? Where does that come from?? not even sure what made me so mad, but I am. When I got back and showered, I decided that perhaps I should read today’s chapter of The Artisan Soul, and I did, but not really because I couldn’t focus.

So. I leave you with that. Today, right now, I’m mad.

Mad. Mad. Mad.


One thought on “Where Does it Come From?

  1. Miss Mallory, I know your struggle. I went back to school when I was 27 living in LA and I worked really hard, got straight A’s and got into great schools like Columbia and UCLA, and I chose UC Berkeley. Now I’m here and I feel like I reached my goal, what’s next? I’m now a 31 year old college junior and it’s incredibly awkward (despite being devastatingly handsome). I’m studying an environmental major which I’m passionate about but I feel really lost in the shuffle (and I kinda just wanna do comedy, ’cause I”m pretty funny ::hairflip::). I’m thousands of miles away from my family and friends in New Jersey, I have very little support system here, and I’ve turned to things like eating and drinking to cope as I figure out the next step, and like you, I know that’s not the right thing, and sometimes I’m really angry too. So remember you’re not alone in this struggle, and you and I will come out from it better for experiencing it. And I used to live a few blocks from Hamburger Mary’s, trivia night is fun, xoxo.

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