Well. That Was Dreadful.


Today. It was tough. 

I woke up around 9:30 only to lie in my bed for the next three hours. Yes. I got out of bed today at 12:30 for no reason other than to find food and clean the sink full of dishes in my kitchen. I am normally quite the neat freak and, as i’m sure you can imagine, lately I have been too concerned with traveling and Netflix to even care. However, it was getting out of hand….like…I needed a plate. To be quite honest, I had zero desire to accomplish anything productive today. Originally, I was set to meet my trainer, Emily, at 10:00 am. I saw her at 4. Whoops.  

I intended on having the most productive and accomplished day! I was so ready to really begin this blog journey and to do the things I set out to do, but that’s just not the way I felt when I woke up. Instead, I heated some Almond Covered Chicken (my favorite thing from Earth Bar), sat on the couch and quickly fell back asleep to the SORRY EXCUSE of a Revenge episode that I was watching. I hope no one watches that show. I’m embarassed to say I do at this point. It’s ridiculous. 

Anyway! I ultimately made it to the gym and begrungingly took my measurements and weight along with “start” photos. Here ya go, world: 

March 26, 2014

Bust: 38
True Waist: 31
Low Waist: 35
Hips: 42
Bicep: 12
Thigh: 25


Height: 5’6
Weight: 152.8 (Say What?!)
BFP: 32.9% (uh…..)


Lawd help me. If those arent motivating to me, I don’t know what will be. Also, big shout out to Emily for letting me make that ridiculous face. *thumbs up* So…my workout today was intense. I was already SUPER sore from yesterday and then she totally kicked my butt. You can check out what I did here. Let’s just say I’m having a hard time sitting down. My booty huuuuuuuurts! I did end up feeling much better after the endorphins kicked in. As I was getting dressed to leave, Emily and I were in the locker room talking about the Bible study she went to last night and discussing the church I have been attending, Mosaic, when a woman next to me asked about our Church experiences. As it turns out, she just moved to LA from NY a few weeks ago and was interested in joining me. We bonded over some NYC nostalgia and compared our LA exeperieces thus far. I made a new friend today! Although, we did not end up going to the service tonight (because I thought there was a 6:00 service….there’s not), I am looking forward to Sunday’s message and to spending time with her.

I also began reading The Artisan Soul this evening and as I work my way through the first chapter, Soul: The Essence of Art, I find the common thought process for the opening of the book is about creativity. Erwin talks about the importance of understanding that every person is an artist and every person harbors a creative spirit, despite what they believe. 

Though we may create many beautiful works of art, the most important works of art to which we will ever give ourselves are the lives we live. No matter what else we produce in life-whether we are painteres or filmmakers or dancers or poets….we will never create anything more powerful or significant than our lives. pg. 12-13

I love the idea of that. Nothing I ever do will be more significant than the life I lead. It seems like such a simple thought, but really, it’s incredible considering the amount of people who live…day in…and day out…conforming to the norm that someone else (wait for it…) created. This speaks directly to the journey of becoming Miss _____. How many of you have been told “Well, Polly Sue did this and that worked for her. We need to get you a dress like Polly Sue!” Or…. “You need to be more like ______. She is this or that.” The whole idea of conforming and changing to be like someone else is, in large part, something that has been thrust upon all of us (but I am really speaking to the pageant ladies here). Life is about doing what works for us. We have to, as Erwin says, “embrace the dangers that come from living and authentic life and still choose to live unguarded from the pain and wounds…”pg. 35

All creativity emerges from struggle. pg 35

This is my struggle and, additionally, my hope that this struggle will lead to something beautifully artistic. What an amazing first chapter and message for me today. Erwin has a sermon on this chapter: 


He truly excites me. I have never felt so connected to a pastor and their ability to relay God’s word. At this point, I am most thankful to LA for introducing me to a church and the Word in a way I had not been presented before. 

Today, after my workout, I picked up a “berry blast” smoothie (also from Earth Bar) of deliciousness. Blueberries, Banana, Hemp Milk, Almond Butter and protein powder. YUM. While I sipped on that, I strolled through Barnes and Noble, picking up two new books. It appears I’m going to make it through The Artisan Soul rather quickly and so I wanted to have two more things lined up to share with you all as my 60 day journey continues. If you’re interested in ordering them to join in, I bought The Defining Decade by Meg Jay and Thrive by Arianna Huffington. Not too long ago I watched this Ted Talk by Meg and was enamoured by her thought process. I can’t wait to dive in to this book next. 

The dinner I had tonight was positively delicious. Even one day of solid clean eating makes all the difference to me. Internally I feel so much better tonight as I write. Post dinner I began my first French lesson, but i’m not quite done yet. I’m going to have to figure out exactly how to share that aspect with you guys! Before long i’ll be blogging in French, so pay attention! Okay- just kidding. That would be really intense. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 


Rosemary baked chicken, steamed broccolini with red and yellow peppers, cauliflower mashed potatoes, curry mushrooms and truvia lemonade. YUM!


Today seemed really long and emotionally trying, but as I prepare to climb back on to my couch for this episode of Nashville I just missed, I feel more content. Your responses and contributions to my blog have already begun to make me feel better. The type A in me is realizing that this isn’t going to happen overnight. Thanks for beginning this journey with me. 

Until tomorrow…


Au Revoir! 



13 thoughts on “Well. That Was Dreadful.

  1. I read the Defining Decade last summer and it was one of the greatest books I have ever read! I hope you enjoy it! It’s the perfect mix of inspiration, motivation and helpful information.

  2. Hey there! Loving your blog. I found it through my soon-to-be sister in law, Rosemary WIllis 🙂 I love how I can “hear” you through your writing- it’s real and honest. I have found that blogging is therapeutic and gives you time to reflect, which has been a great outlet for me too 🙂 Great job, and hang in there, you are doing great.

  3. Mallory,

    This is so inspiring. You were (and probably always will be) my favorite Miss America. I started competing in MAO pageants because of you. You showed me that you don’t have to “fit a mold” to be beautiful. I, too, have struggled with my weight and depression and just all around unhappiness. It is good to know that I am not in this alone.

    Your blog was just what I needed to get inspired again. So, thank you for being YOU. A real, down to earth, genuine girl. The world needs more people like you.


  4. Hey Mallory!!! I just love following your blogs. You are so real just like you always have been. I feel as though I’m going through the same thing you are. I just moved to Miami to start fresh and figure out what I wanna do with my life. When I was still in Alabama I felt like I was at a standstill. So I had to shake things up. I’m not gonna lie I’m scared sh*tless lol. But knowing that people have also made sudden changes to their life (and survived) gives me hope. I’m also trying to do better by my body. I’m at 175 (yikes). So I’m keeping up with your meals and workouts. It’s helping out a lot. Good luck to you, Mallory and thanks for being an inspiration

    1. Alyssa,

      So good to hear from you! I’m totally coming to visit you in Miami. It’s so fun there! Moving to a new place can be totally overwhelming and scary (as I know too well), but I have faith you can make it work. I’m glad you’re following along and I am always up for new recipes/suggestions. Keep interacting and we can kick the body blues together. Sending you a big hug and a tinge of jealousy for your new home! 😛

  5. Your body is much more awesome! To me, this is what every pro pageant contestant need to look like (or bigger). Listen, get well and feel better because you deserve it, you always deserve it. Even if fitness is the goal, please realize that you don’t have to lose an ounce. In fact, I wouldn’t know or really care about who you were if it wasn’t for a certain forum dedicated to appreciating curvy women and their news about your new, improved figure. We’re serious about stuff like that. We know you look good, and we wanted you to know that before your weightloss/toning journey..
    Another point of advice: maybe YOU should write a book?

      1. Wow, I didn’t expect a reply. I’ve never really spoken WITH a celebrity before.
        Anyway, there are a number of forums, and if you’re really familiar with the internet some can be quite graphically immature and “low-brow”, but some are smart – The Judgment of Paris Forums is very well-cultured, insightful and artistic.
        PS. Be careful with those earthquakes. That’s some freaky stuff.

  6. Good for you to have the courage to do this! You’re an inspiration! How much did you weigh when you competed in the pageant?

  7. As always, you are honest and real about your life. Posting the stats was bold…good for you!!!
    Best wishes

  8. Thank you for being such a real and down to earth role model. I watched you live in the audience at Planet Hollywood be crowned Miss America and have followed you ever since, because you were truly inspiring to me. I’m so glad you’ve decided to blog because you’re so relatable and allow me to have even more positivity throughout my day. Keep rocking on, Mallory, you’re more influential than you know. 🙂

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